Sunday, March 1, 2009


The You Tube Video that is on the bottom of this blog page is the copy of the message the president of the CF Foundation, Bob Beall, sent out as his holiday greeting this year. A few months ago I got an email about the current trial for the medication VX-770, which is the medication that has the potential to save Capri's life. The email I received talked about the success of the medication. As I was reading the email I felt so much emotion and hope and I printed it out to share with my family. Then I sent a quick email to the local CF Foundation Office. My email was to share with them the hope and joy I was feeling and thank them for their hard work to help get us where we are in research. My email touched them so they forwarded it to a CF medication rep, the rep was touched so he forwarded it to his boss, and he was touched so my email kept getting forwarded until it ended up in the hands of the President of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. When he received my email he happened to be at the National CF Conference. This is a worldwide conference for all the Cystic Fibrosis doctors, researchers, and scientist. When he read my email the words moved him deeply and he decided to read it to everyone in attendance. He felt it would motivate them to continue in the desperate search for a cure. I was deeply grateful that the short email that I sent my local CF office ended up motivating the people that had my daughters life in their hands. Then right before Christmas during a time that Capri happened to be very sick, I got a call from the Foundation. They asked me if it would be alright if President Bob Beall read my email on You Tube for his holiday greeting. Wow, what an honor. I was blown away to see the effect my words had on this amazing man.
I truly count on you all to step in and help me save the life of my daughter. I wish I had the words to motivate every person reading this to donate any amount they could, for words don't make any difference if no action is taken to change the fate of my child. Please join us in our efforts to give THE GOLDEN TICKET of LIFE to the thousands of people with CF.

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