Friday, May 8, 2009


The big walk day is tomorrow!!! We are very excited and Capri's Crusaders has raised $7227.00 with money still coming in!!! A huge thank you to everyone who has donated and all those that have gotten together fundraisers including; Terri Tetarian, Amy Smith, Dolores Tarman, Sunny Swopes, Heather Loyd, Sundawgs Baseball Team, Jandra Hahne, Andrea Wickman, and a huge thank you to OKLAHOMA OFFICE SYSTEMS and Irene Coffee who have partnered with us as a corporate sponsor. We look forward to working with them over the next year. I still need corporate sponsors so please let me know if your workplace would be interested in doing a easy fundraiser at work!! Capri was also featured on News 9 this week and the link to watch the story is on the right side of this blog. Also a quick update on Capri's health. They have started her on yet another breathing treatment, the alarming part of this is the doctors wait until some bigger signs of lung damage show up before they start them on this new med. At Capri's last appointment he looked over her chart and suggested that she start on this medication because the signs are there that her lungs are getting worse. She is up to three breathing treatments a day with two vest treatments. All five treatments will be everyday for the rest of her life. This news was tough to hear. This year I have had to really face the facts about CF and it does prove that we are in a race against the clock. So thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone that has prayed or donated. Making a god sized goal has allowed me to see miracles and experience the love and support of God through people. I know I can not do this without God going before me and tugging on the hearts of people to help, and WOW has he ever. I stepped out in faith, knowing this goal will not be met through my power. I CAN'T BUT GOD CAN and HE IS!!! I can honestly say that the scripture on the back of our walk shirts is more real to me than ever "Through grace by faith we rejoice in our sufferings" I would never have experienced the moments I have if it were not for the trails we are going through with Capri. Capri's life is a testimony that God can use and you guys are a testimony to us of God' love and support. THANK YOU!!!

P.S.- REMEMBER WE HAVE UNTIL DEC. 31st AND I STILL NEED YOU!!! WE HAVE ABOUT 30 easy teambuilding fundraisers that you can do in one day at work. Let me know if you are interested. THANK YOU!!

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